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System Red Wolf Cub (SRWC)


System red a wolf cub – a chronic system disease, with the most expressed manifestations on skin; the etiology of a red volchanka is not known, but its pathogenesis is connected with violation of autoimmune processes therefore antibodies to healthy cells of an organism are developed. Women of middle age are more subject to a disease. Incidence of a red volchanka is not big – 2-3 cases on one thousand people of the population. Treatment and diagnostics of a system red volchanka are performed by joint efforts of the rheumatologist and dermatologist. The diagnosis of hard currency is established on the basis of typical clinical signs, results of laboratory analyses.

System Red Wolf Cub (SRWC)

System red a wolf cub – a chronic system disease, with the most expressed manifestations on skin; the etiology of a red volchanka is not known, but its pathogenesis is connected with violation of autoimmune processes therefore antibodies to healthy cells of an organism are developed. Women of middle age are more subject to a disease. Incidence of a red volchanka is not big – 2-3 cases on one thousand people of the population.

Development and alleged causes of a system red volchanka

The exact etiology of a red volchanka is not established, but antibodies to Epstein-Barre's virus are found in the most part of patients that confirms the possible virus nature of a disease. Features of an organism owing to which are developed an autoantitela are also observed almost at all patients.

The hormonal nature of a red volchanka is not confirmed, but hormonal violations worsen the course of a disease though cannot provoke its emergence. Reception of oral contraceptives is not recommended to women with the diagnosed red volchanka. At the people having genetic predisposition and at monoovular twins incidence of a red volchanka is higher, than in other groups.

Pathogenesis of a system red volchanka immunoregulation violation when proteinaceous components of a cage act as autoantigen, first of all is the cornerstone of DNA and as a result of adhesion a target are even those cages which were initially free from immune complexes.

Clinical picture of a system red volchanka

    At red a wolf cub connecting fabric, skin and an epithelium is surprised. An important diagnostic sign is symmetric damage of large joints, and if there is a deformation of joints, then due to involvement of sheaves and sinews, but not owing to defeats of erosive character. Mialgiya, pleurisy, pneumonites are observed.

But the brightest symptoms of a red volchanka are noted on skin and on these manifestations first of all and make the diagnosis.

At initial stages of a disease red a wolf cub it is characterized by a continuous current with periodic remissions, but almost always passes into a system form. Eritematozny dermatitis on a face as a butterfly – an eritem on cheeks, cheekbones is more often noted and it is obligatory on a nose back.  -     
-    There is a hypersensitivity to sunlight – a photodermatosis of usually rounded shape, have multiple character. At red a wolf cub feature of a photodermatosis is existence of a hyperemic nimbus, the site of an atrophy in the center and a depigmentation of the struck area. Otrubevidny scales by which the eritema surface becomes covered are densely soldered to skin and attempts to separate them, are very painful. At a stage of an atrophy of the struck integuments formation of a smooth gentle alabaster-white surface which gradually replaces eritematozny sites is observed, since the middle and moving to the periphery.

At some patients with a red volchanka of defeat extend to a hairy part of the head, causing a full or partial alopetion. If defeats affect a red border of lips and a mucous membrane of a mouth, then the centers of defeat represent cyanotic-red dense plaques, sometimes with otrubevidny scales from above, their contours have a clear boundary, plaques are inclined to ulcerations and hurt during food.

Red the seasonal current has a wolf cub, and during the autumn and summer periods the condition of skin sharply worsens because of more intensive impact of sunlight.

  - At a subsharp current of a red volchanka the psoriazopodobny centers on all body are observed, teleangiektaziya are brightly expressed, on skin of the lower extremities appears mesh (the treelike drawing). The generalized or focal alopetion, a small tortoiseshell and a skin itch are observed at all patients with a system red volchanka.

In all bodies where there is a connecting fabric, pathological changes begin over time. At red a wolf cub all covers of heart, a lokhanka of kidneys, digestive tract and the central nervous system are surprised.

If besides skin manifestations of patients periodic headaches, articulate pains without communication with injuries and weather conditions torment, violations from work of heart and kidneys are observed, then already on the basis of poll it is possible to assume about deeper and system violations and to examine the patient on existence of a red volchanka. Sharp change of mood from an eyforichny state to a condition of aggression is characteristic manifestation of a red volchanka too.

At patients with a red volchanka of advanced age skin manifestations, kidney and artralgichesky syndromes are less expressed, but Shegren's syndrome is more often observed - it is the autoimmune defeat of connecting fabric which is shown hyposecretion of salivary glands, dryness and gripes in eyes, a photophobia.

Children, with a neonatal form of a red volchanka, been born from sick mothers, already in the infantile period have eritematozny rash and anemia therefore it is necessary to carry out the differential diagnosis with atopic dermatitis.

Diagnostics of a system red volchanka

At suspicion on system red direct to a wolf cub of the patient to consultation of the rheumatologist and dermatologist. Diagnose red to a wolf cub on existence of manifestations in each symptomatic group. Criteria for diagnostics from integuments: an eritema in the form of a butterfly, photodermatitis, diskoidny rash; from joints: symmetric damage of joints, artralgiya, a syndrome of "pearl bracelets" on wrists because of deformation of the copular device; from internals: various localization of a serozita, in the analysis of urine a persistiruyushchy proteinuria and a tsilindruriya; from the central nervous system: spasms, trochee, psychoses and change of mood; from blood formation function red a wolf cub it is shown by a leykopeniya, thrombocytopenia, a limfopeniya.

Wasserman's reaction can be false positive, as well as other serological researches that sometimes leads to purpose of inadequate treatment. At development of pneumonia carry out a X-ray analysis of lungs, at suspicion of pleurisy - a pleural puncture. For diagnostics of a condition of heart - the ECG and an echocardiography.

Treatment of a system red volchanka

  As a rule, initial treatment of a red volchanka happens inadequate as wrong diagnoses of a photodermatosis, eczemas, seborrhea and syphilis are made. And only in the absence of efficiency of the appointed therapy additional examinations during which it is diagnosed red a wolf cub are conducted. Full treatment from this disease cannot achieve, but the timely and correctly picked up therapy allows to achieve improvement of quality of life of the patient and to avoid an invalidization.

Patients with a red volchanka need to avoid direct sunshine, to wear the clothes covering all body, and to apply cream with the high protective filter from ultraviolet on the dug-out sites. Apply kortikosteroidny ointments as use of non-hormonal medicines does not bring effect on affected areas of skin. Treatment needs to be carried out with breaks that gormonoobuslovlenny dermatitis did not develop.

In at uncomplicated forms of a red volchanka for elimination of pain in muscles and joints nonsteroid anti-inflammatory medicines are appointed, but with care it is necessary to take aspirin as it slows down fibrillation process. Reception of glucocorticosteroids is obligatory, at the same time doses of medicines are selected so that at minimization of side effects to protect internals from defeats.

Method when at the patient do a fence of stem cells, and then carry out immunosuppressive therapy then for restoration of immune system enter stem cells again, it is effective even in severe and hopeless forms of a red volchanka. At such therapy autoimmune aggression in most cases stops, and the condition of the patient with a red volchanka improves.

The healthy lifestyle, refusal of alcohol and smoking, adequate physical activity, the balanced food and psychological comfort allow patients to control the state with a red volchanka and not to allow an invalidization.

The System Red Wolf Cub (SRWC) - treatment should be carried out only under the supervision of a doctor. Self-treatment is unacceptable!!!

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