Uterus hypoplasia

Uterus hypoplasia – the uterus underdevelopment which is characterized by reduction of its sizes in comparison with age and physiological norm. Clinically the hypoplasia of a uterus is shown by the late beginning of periods (after 16 years), their irregularity and the increased morbidity; abortions, anomalies of patrimonial activity, infertility; decrease in a libido and anorgazmiya. It is diagnosed by means of a vaginal research, ultrasonography, sounding of a cavity of a uterus. Treatment of a hypoplasia of a uterus demands carrying out hormonal therapy, physical therapy, LFK. The forecast for an opportunity and success of pregnancy is defined by uterus hypoplasia degree.

Uterus hypoplasia

The hypoplasia of a uterus has synonyms infantility or a children's uterus. Insufficient development of female sexual steroids leads to an underdevelopment of a uterus which remains hypoplastic – with a long conic neck, a small body and a giperantefleksiya. The hypoplasia of a uterus is accompanied by existence of long wavy pipes that can be followed by infertility. In case of conception approach, extra-uterine pregnancy as passing of a zygote on the changed uterine tubes is at a loss quite often develops. At a hypoplasia of a uterus other bodies of reproductive system – vulvar lips, a vagina, ovaries are also often underdeveloped. Quite often accompanies a hypoplasia of a uterus ovaries.

Reasons and degrees of a hypoplasia of a uterus

The congenital hypoplasia of a uterus serves as manifestation of genital or general infantility owing to the damaging influence on an embryo in the antenatalny period or hereditary factors. More often the reasons of a hypoplasia of a uterus are covered in violations of system of regulation "hypothalamus uterus" or yaichnikovy insufficiency at the increased gonadotropny activity of a hypophysis. Such regulatory failures arise at girls in the childhood or the period of puberty and can develop at hypovitaminoses, intoxications (narcotic, nicotinic), nervous breakdowns, the raised academic and sports loads on a children's organism, anorexia, frequent infections (tonsillitis, a SARS, flu) etc. At the same time there comes the delay in development of initially correctly created uterus.

As the main characteristic of a hypoplasia of a uterus serves reduction of its sizes. Normal at the polovozrely not giving birth women the uterus has cavity length not less than 7 cm, at giving birth - 8 cm, length of a neck makes 2,5 cm. Depending on development stop time the gynecology allocates three degrees of a hypoplasia of a uterus: germinal, created vnutriutrobno; infantile and teenage, the births created later. The germinal (fetalny) uterus is characterized up to 3 cm long, the cavity is almost not created, all size is the share of a neck. The infantile (children's) uterus has length from 3 cm to 5,5 cm with a ratio of length of a neck of a uterus to her cavity 3:1. The teenage uterus at a hypoplasia has length from 5,5 cm to 7 cm, with less expressed prevalence of a neck - 1:3.

Uterus hypoplasia symptoms

The beginning of periods is characteristic of a hypoplasia of a uterus later (after 16 years). After formation of menstrual function monthly usually proceed painfully (in the form of an algodismenorea), irregularly, have short, poor or plentiful character. At a hypoplasia of a uterus lag of the girl in all-physical and sexual development is possible: the teenager of small growth, with evenly narrowed basin, the narrow thoraxes, hypoplastic mammary glands which are absent or are not expressed by secondary sexual characteristics.

Further at polovozrely women with a hypoplasia of a uterus the lowered sexual feeling, an anorgazmiya is noted. Reproductive violations at a hypoplasia of a uterus can include infertility, extra-uterine pregnancy, spontaneous termination of pregnancy, the expressed toxicoses, weak patrimonial activity, insufficient disclosure of a uterine pharynx in labor, atonichesky postnatal bleedings. At women with a uterus hypoplasia tservitsita, endometritises in connection with weak resistance of a reproductive system to infections often develop. The specified symptoms have to force the woman to address the gynecologist-endocrinologist.

Diagnostics of a hypoplasia of a uterus

At gynecologic survey of patients with a hypoplasia of a uterus signs of genital infantility come to light: insufficient pilosis, underdeveloped vulvar lips, the clitoris head supporting vulva limits. At a vaginal research the short narrow vagina decides on the ill-defined arches, lengthening and conical shape of a neck, reduction and flattening of a body of a uterus, a giperantefleksiya. During ultrasonography of a small pelvis the sizes of a body and neck are investigated that allows to judge uterus hypoplasia degree.

The x-ray or ultrasonic gisterosalpingoskopiya confirms the reduced uterus sizes, an izvitost of uterine tubes, a hypoplasia of ovaries. At suspicion on a hypoplasia of a uterus the laboratory research of level of sex hormones (FSG, progesterone, Prolactinum, LG, an estradiol, testosterone), and also tireoidny hormones (TTG, T4) is conducted. In addition at suspicion on a hypoplasia of a uterus resort to sounding of a cavity of a uterus, determination of bone age of the patient, a X-ray analysis of the Turkish saddle, brain MRT.

Treatment of a hypoplasia of a uterus

The nature of treatment is defined by degree of a hypoplasia of a uterus and the reasons of its underdevelopment. The basis of treatment of a hypoplasia of a uterus is made by the replaceable or stimulating hormonal therapy at which adequacy the gynecologist manages to reach increase in the sizes of a uterus to normal and restoration of a normal menstrual cycle.

Use of physiotherapeutic methods at a uterus hypoplasia (magnetotherapy, laser therapy, a diathermy, an induktotermiya, UVCh-therapy, mud cures, an ozokeritolecheniye, a parafinolecheniye) allows to normalize blood circulation in body. The good effect can be noted from endonasal galvanization under the influence of which work of gipotalamo-hypophysial area is stimulated, synthesis of LG and FSG hormones increases. To the patient with a hypoplasia of a uterus vitamin therapy, LFK, gynecologic massage, a kurortoterapiya (sea bathings and bathtubs) is appointed.

Forecast and prevention of a hypoplasia of a uterus

At fetalny type of a hypoplasia of a uterus pregnancy is excluded, motherhood is possible only by means of VRT. At impossibility of approach of independent pregnancy, but safety of function of ovaries, resort to a method of extracorporal fertilization with use of an ovum of the patient. At a pregnancy not incubation syndrome artificial insemination (IMSI, IKSI, PIKSI) is carried out within surrogacy. At small degree of a hypoplasia of a uterus to both normal structure and function of ovaries chances of pregnancy favorable. The current and conducting pregnancy at patients with a hypoplasia of a uterus is accompanied by risks of spontaneous abortion, the complicated childbirth.

Normal formation and development of reproductive system of the woman requires elimination of adverse factors of influence, especially at teenage age. For prevention of a hypoplasia of a uterus girls need good nutrition, refusal of the exhausting diets, an exception of stressful situations, the timely prevention and treatment of infections.

Uterus hypoplasia - treatment should be carried out only under the supervision of a doctor. Self-treatment is unacceptable!!!

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