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Vezikulit – inflammatory process in a seed bubble. Can sharply proceed or have chronic character, to be one - or bilateral. At 80-85% of patients bilateral is observed vezikulit. Sharp vezikulit often passes into chronic. Perhaps initially chronic current. Vezikulit is followed by groin pain, in a rectum and nadlobkovy area. The pain syndrome amplifies during defecation and when filling a bladder. Chronic vezikulit is followed by violation of sexual function. Diagnostics of a vezikulit is carried usually out by the urologist, are for this purpose necessary: rectal manual research, ultrasonography of genitals, bacteriological crops of a secret of seed bubbles.


Vezikulit – inflammatory process in a seed bubble. Can sharply proceed or have chronic character, to be one - or bilateral. At 80-85% of patients bilateral is observed vezikulit. Sharp vezikulit often passes into chronic. Perhaps initially chronic current. Infectious agents of the bacterial nature act as the activator of a vezikulit nonspecific (, colibacillus, staphylococcus) or specific (). Aseptic vezikulit can develop at sexual abstinence, stagnation of blue blood in a small basin, violation of a tone of seed bubbles.

Vezikulit extremely seldom arises as an independent disease. Usually inflammatory process in seed bubbles develops as a complication of an acute or chronic disease of urinogenital system (the epididymite, uretrit, prostatitis), sharp (quinsy, flu) or chronic (osteomyelitis) of an inflammatory disease. As a rule, vezikulit accompanies chronic prostatitis. Development of a vezikulit is promoted by long general overcooling, sedentary work, violations of a normal rhythm of sexual activity (abstention, excessive sexual activity), decrease in immunity, locks, chronic diseases of infectious character.

Symptoms of a vezikulit

The sudden beginning is characteristic of a sharp vezikulit. Body temperature of the patient increases to febrilny, the fever and a headache appears. Patients with a sharp vezikulit show complaints to pain in nadlobkovy area (one - or bilateral), groin pains and in a rectum. Irradiation of pains to the lumbar area is possible. Pains amplify at overflow of a bladder, a spermeizverzheniya and defecation. Defecation can be followed by release of slime and separated from an urethra (). In sperm traces of blood (gemospermiya) sometimes meet. At some patients increase of an urination, long frequent night erections is noted. The most common form of a sharp vezikulit – catarrhal. Upon transition of an inflammation to surrounding fabrics can develop paravezikulit.

At a chronic vezikulit of patients the moderate or mild aching pains in crotches, the areas of a sacrum and a rectum irradiating in genitals disturb. Increase of an urination, long night erections is characteristic. Emergence of traces of blood in sperm is possible. There are violations of sexual function. The erection is painful, quality of an orgasm can decrease, sometimes - up to total disappearance. Expressiveness of symptoms considerably varies. At some patients vezikulit is followed by very poor symptomatology or proceeds almost asymptomatically.

Complications of a vezikulit

Sharp vezikulit in the absence of treatment can be complicated by suppuration (empiyemy) of seed bubbles. At a chronic vezikulit distribution of an inflammation on appendages of a small egg can become the reason of a chronic epididymite. The chronic bilateral epididymite, in turn, in certain cases causes an obturatsionny form of male infertility.

Diagnostics of a vezikulit

Inspection of the patient with the urologist, rectal manual research, ultrasonography of genitals, crops of a secret of seed bubbles is performed. In the general blood tests and urine inflammatory changes come to light. In crops of a secret find a large number of erythrocytes and leukocytes. Data of ultrasonography confirm increase in seed bubbles.

By results of a spermogram the gemospermiya, the increased viscosity of sperm, change of quantity of an eyakulyat (reduction or increase in volume) comes to light. The quantity of spermatozoa and speed of their movement are reduced.

Treatment of a vezikulit

To the patient with a sharp vezikulit recommend to observe a bed rest. For fight against an infection appoint antibiotics, for reduction of a pain syndrome – sedatives, for reduction of pains at defecation – laxatives. After elimination of the general manifestations of infectious process (a hyperthermia, oznob etc.) physiotherapeutic procedures, hot microenemas, hot-water bottles are appointed to area of a crotch, hot medical bathtubs. With empiyemy seed bubbles expeditious treatment is shown to patients. For removal of pus the puncture of seed bubbles with the subsequent drainage is carried out.

The therapy of a chronic vezikulit developed by modern urology complex, long. To the patient recommend to lead active lifestyle, not to eat spicy food and alcohol. Antibacterial medicines, physiotherapeutic procedures (a diathermy, laser therapy), transrectal massage of seed bubbles are applied. Mud cure is appointed: mud rectal tampons, mud applications on area of a crotch. At inefficiency of treatment the puncture with washing of seed bubbles solutions of anti-septic tanks is carried out. The vezikulektomiya (removal of a seed bubble) is in some cases shown.

Preventive measures consist in elimination of risk factors and adequate timely therapy of the main disease.

Vezikulit - treatment should be carried out only under the supervision of a doctor. Self-treatment is unacceptable!!!

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