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Vulvit – a vulva inflammation (external female genitals). It is characterized by emergence of an itch, burning, plentiful allocations, hyperaemia and hypostasis of vulvar lips, painful feelings after an urination. Can be a consequence of unsatisfactory hygiene or traumatizing genitalia (primary vulvit), genital or ekstragenitalny diseases, endocrine violations (secondary vulvit). Transition of an infection to internal genitals is dangerous; at girls of early children's age vulvit can cause an union of small vulvar lips. Vulvit can proceed in a sharp and chronic form. Consultation of the gynecologist is necessary for diagnostics of a vulvit.


Inflammatory process of area of genitalia at women (vulvit) develops for a variety of reasons local and general character. At a vulvita there is an infection of area of a clitoris, small and big vulvar lips, thresholds of a vagina and its glands, a virgin pleva. Activators of a vulvit most often are opportunistic microorganisms (colibacillus, streptococci, staphylococcus, barmy fungi), the STD pathogenic activators are more rare (gonokokk, trichomonads, hlamidiya, viruses, etc.). Sometimes development of a vulvit is provoked by causative agents of tuberculosis, diphtheria. Conditions for development of an infection are created as a result of violation of integrity of an integument and a mucous vulva and decrease in local immunity.

Vulvit also its reasons

Can be the reasons disposing to a vulvit:

  • non-compliance with rules of personal hygiene (especially during periods);
  • mechanical traumatizing a mucous vulva when wearing close and rough clothes, long use of hygienic laying, at sexual contacts;
  • irritation and maceration mucous allocations from a vagina, the tservikalny channel at the available infection of genitals, at an urine incontience, chemicals;
  • excessive reception of medicines (antibiotics), radiation therapy;
  • hormonal and exchange violations in an organism (hypofunction of ovaries, obesity, diabetes, a lack of vitamins and minerals), allergic reactions;
  • existence of the pathological courses (fistulas) from intestines, uric ways;
  • raschesa of genitalia at a vegetonevroza, helminths, the increased perspiration.

Distinguish vulvit primary when the infection develops as a result of a trauma or non-compliance with purity of genitals, and secondary if a source of an infection are other bodies (a vagina, a uterus, almonds, a bladder, kidneys). Primary vulvit develops more often at girls and at women in the period of a postmenopause that is connected with features of genitals during these age periods. At healthy adult women the mucous epithelium of a vulva (thanks to prevalence of sour-milk microflora, sour RN of a secret, a hormonal background) is steadier against an infection. Primary vulvit occurs at them seldom and proceeds in the form of a vulvovaginit.

Primary vulvit more often meets at girls as their integuments and mucous vulvas thin, gentle, are easily injured. In microflora of genitals kokkovy forms prevail, there are no Doderlyayn's sticks, the secret environment – alkaline, local immunity is still imperfect. Also emergence of a vulvit is promoted by presence at the child of pinworms - the mucous membrane of genitalia is injured at raschesa, facilitating penetration of an infection. Newborn girls can sometimes have allocations from a vagina provoked by the maternal hormones-estrogen which got to them before childbirth. Usually these phenomena pass independently.

In the period of a postmenopause, at decrease in level of estrogen, the termination of a menstrual cycle, there are atrophic changes of a mucous membrane of genitals. The number of vaginal allocations decreases, mucous "dries", becomes thinner, is easily damaged and infected that leads to development of a vulvit. Development of a secondary vulvit happens against the background of the available inflammatory diseases of internal genitals (the colpitis, tservitsit, endotservitsit) the specific and nonspecific nature.

Signs and consequences of a vulvit

Vulvit can proceed in a sharp and chronic form. The following symptoms are characteristic of a sharp form of a vulvit:

  • severe hypostasis and reddening of vulvar lips, clitoris, can be formed sores and erosion, to be surprised inguinal folds and the internal surface of hips;
  • itch and burning, morbidity (at an urination, the movement, a touch amplifies);
  • serous and purulent or sanious allocations. At infection with colibacillus - bleach watery character, flavovirent with a fetid odor; staphylococcus - dense, yellowish; kandidam – "curdled" bleach also raids;
  • sometimes increase in inguinal lymph nodes, temperature increase.

At girls at a sharp vulvit signs of nervous excitability, a sleep disorder are observed.

Vulvit at untimely and wrong treatment can pass into a chronic form with a frequent recurrence. The chronic form of a vulvit is characterized by moderate displays of hypostasis, morbidity and hyperaemia on certain sites of a mucous vulva, a hypertrophy of sebaceous glands, an itch, burning, poor allocations. Sometimes at a vulvita after healing of erosion and ulcers genitals can be deformed, complicating further sex life. Girls can have unions in vulvar lips - sinekhiya.

Diagnostics of a vulvit

Consultation of the gynecologist is necessary for diagnostics of a vulvit. Diagnostic actions include data collection of the anamnesis, complaint of the patient, data of gynecologic survey, a kolposkopiya (as necessary) and results of laboratory analyses. For allocation of the activator of an inflammation carry out a bacterioscopy of dabs and cultural crops with definition of sensitivity to antibiotics. Besides, reveal the diseases accompanying a vulvit which can be a source of an infection or lower the immune status of an organism.

Treatment of a vulvit

In treatment of a vulvit the modern gynecology applies complex therapy of local and general influence. Treatment of a vulvit has to include elimination not only inflammatory process of genitalia, but also the factors promoting its emergence. At a sharp vulvit the girl needs a bed rest. For treatment of a vulvit women need to refrain from sex life.

Antibacterial treatment is appointed taking into account the revealed activator and its sensitivity to antibiotics. At a vulvita of the specific nature (gonorrheal, trikhomonadny, chlamydial, tubercular) treatment is necessary special, corresponding to the activator. At a kandidozny vulvit the main are antifungal medicines. At girls vulvit is caused by opportunistic microflora more often, in this regard antibiotics appoint locally (ointments, creams).

At a vulvita local processing of genitalia is necessary:

  • lotions, cold compresses from lead water, with Furacilin solution, eucalyptus infusion;
  • sedentary trays with warm solution of permanganate of potassium, infusions of herbs (a calendula, a camomile, a train, an eucalyptus);
  • toilet of genitalia solution of boric acid, potassium permanganate, camomile infusion;
  • syringing by antiseptic solutions, anti-inflammatory candles.

After the water procedures genitals need to be dried a towel and to powder streptotsidovy powder. At a severe itch appoint somnolent medicines and greasing of a vulva to night anestezinovy ointment. In certain cases apply gidrokortizonovy ointment, physiotreatment (Ural federal district). Allergic vulvita treat antihistaminic medicines, purpose of a diet with an exception of sweet, sharp and salty products.

The diseases accompanying a vulvit are subject to treatment (hormonal and exchange violations, chronic infections – tonsillitis, pyelonephritis) that promotes also immunity strengthening. Reception of the all-strengthening medicines is shown: vitamins, immunostimulators, dietary supplement.

Prevention of a vulvit

Prevention of development of a vulvit means: timely treatment of the general diseases and elimination of the centers of a chronic infection; observance of rules of personal hygiene (purity of genitals, wearing free hygienic linen); healthy lifestyle and strengthening of immunity (refusal of smoking, alcohol, lack of casual sexual communications, healthy nutrition, sports activities). The correct hygiene of girls – guarantee of their further female health. Undertreated in the childhood vulvit can provoke in the future serious gynecologic problems, of which infertility is main.

Vulvit - treatment should be carried out only under the supervision of a doctor. Self-treatment is unacceptable!!!

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