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Wrinkles – sharply designated skin relief in the form of longitudinal and cross folds and grooves which is combined with decrease in turgor of skin. In cosmetology allocate three types of wrinkles: mimic, static and gravitational. Irrespective of localization and like wrinkles, their existence, first of all, is associated with withering of skin and the general aging of an organism. This fact causes natural desire (more peculiar to women) to get rid of visible traces of age. Goings behind skin and peelings, injection (planimetric plasticity, a botulinoterapiya) and hardware techniques (a miostimulyation, RF lifting, laser grinding, etc.), plastic surgeries belong to methods of elimination of wrinkles.

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    Wrinkles are a visible sign of age changes of skin which begin to be formed already at the birth. Even young creations are capable to make out the wrinkles beginning to be shown on the skin. Formation of wrinkles happens gradually, as if gradually. At first skin loses the moisture content and former elasticity, becoming drier, rough and less elastic. And already on it the first wrinkles – in the beginning on a forehead, then in corners of eyes and going in the direction from a nose to a chin, and, at last, on a nose bridge, over an upper lip, in a neck and a decollete are designated.

    How to fight with them what to undertake to slow down process of withering of skin? First of all, it is necessary to get acquainted with types of wrinkles, their specific features.

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    Types of wrinkles

    The basis of modern classification of wrinkles is made by several signs. In definition like wrinkles their number, the size, time of emergence and feature of a skin relief are important. Developing of wrinkles is directly connected with natural (physiological) aging of all organism and skin including, the hormonal reorganization of an organism caused by a menopause, an adverse effect of surrounding factors, so-called photoageing. Distinguish wrinkles and in the place of their localization: frontal (forehead wrinkles), around a mouth and nasolabial, "goose pads" around eyes, "lion's" (between eyebrows). Wrinkles can be longitudinal or cross.

    Distinguish superficial and deep wrinkles depending on that, skin folds how deeply lie. The skin metabolism, specific features of its structure, extent of influence of external adverse factors influence time of emergence and the sizes of wrinkles. The most effective way of prevention of premature emergence of wrinkles is competent cosmetic leaving depending on skin type. This or that type of skin predetermines a genetic factor. The special attention and leaving is demanded by dry skin which is most subject to dehydration (moisture loss) and emergence of small wrinkles owing to influence of direct sunshine and other adverse natural phenomena.

     Distinguish static wrinkles, mimic and age or gravitational. These distinctions occur depending on the reasons which caused emergence of wrinkles. Dehydration or dryness of skin can serve as the cause of static wrinkles. They can be shown on a forehead or cheeks after a dream in one situation. The decrease in elasticity and elasticity of skin connected with delay of synthesis of new cages leads to formation of age wrinkles as sign of the general aging of an organism. The origin of mimic wrinkles is caused by features of behavior of the person, an originality of its mimicry. Day after day the superficial muscles providing expression of emotions on a face are reduced uncountable number of times. Over time hardly noticeable wrinkles go deep and do not give in to relaxation.

    At people emotional, inclined by means of a mimicry it is active to express the experiences (to blink eyes, to wrinkle a forehead, to frown) mimic wrinkles will not be slow to be shown already at early age. This process is explained by also genetic factor predetermining specific feature of a structure of fibroblast – the cells of skin which are taking part in reduction of muscles and responsible for production of hyaluronic acid, elastin and collagen.  Usually, mimic wrinkles develop in zones of active reduction of facial muscles: in corners of eyes, between eyebrows on a nose bridge, in the field of nasolabial folds, on a forehead.

    Fluctuation of high and low temperatures, impact of wind, ultra-violet radiation, the increased humidity of air and other negative manifestations of external factors can provoke further deepening of mimic wrinkles.

    Already developed mimic wrinkles will go deep even more if the organism lacks for the nutrients necessary for process of restoration of cells of skin. With age this situation is aggravated with the natural changes connected with aging. And, at last, as the strongest negative factors influencing a condition of skin it is necessary to recognize various manifestations of an inactive and unhealthy way of life, in particular smoking, influence of a psychological stress, unbalanced food, use of cosmetics and care products for skin of poor quality.

     From all types mimic wrinkles on face skin develop, as a rule, the first in the earliest age. Their education at emotional people perhaps in 20-25 years. Especially obviously they can be expressed during the active work of the facial muscles which are reduced at various emotional manifestations. Due to the age processes small wrinkles turn into deep folds, there is an omission of integuments (). This process is caused also by force of terrestrial gravitation therefore in a number of medical sources such type of wrinkles carries definition "gravitational".

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    Causes of wrinkles

       The person – one of the few parts of a body which practically always remains open. For this reason it is most of all subject to influence of the adverse natural phenomena. And still-faced we express those numerous emotional states which we endure during all life. Pain, fear, anger, joy, grief – any state of mind is reflected in our face in a varying degree. Even the people who are well self-controlled seldom remain with an impenetrable look. The nature disposed in such a way that the structure of face skin is intended for similar communicative function. At reflex reduction or relaxation of mimic muscles we show either a smile, or serious concern, or a grimace of surprise or disappointment. And owing to repeated similar actions face skin becomes covered at first by hardly noticeable, and then more and more obvious network of wrinkles.

    Quite often developing of wrinkles results from the weakened health or even a serious disease. Cases when wrinkles develop because of sharp weight loss after unreasoned following to modern diets are frequent. And to one more of factors can serve use of cosmetics of doubtful quality.

    Face skin has a special structure. Thin epidermalny and thermal layers, friable hypodermic fatty cellulose promote bystry loss of moisture that is one of serious factors of withering of skin. The skin siccation can be not always compensated by a water-supply from the microcirculator course. The friable structure of hypodermic fatty tissue does skin rather mobile that provides transfer of various emotional states. It serves as the reason of bystry change of the content of water in hypodermics which is shown or in the form of hypostases (at a surplus), or in the form of cracks in mouth corners (at a shortcoming).

    Let's consider in more detail the main reasons for developing of wrinkles.

    .   Physiological aging of skin. Natural natural process of aging affects all bodies and tissues of a human body, a question only in that how soon the result of this process will be visible. Alas, even at almost healthy person by thirty years his age is given by face skin since it is most subject to influence of adverse natural factors. The synthesis process of "construction material" which is slowing down with age (collagen, elastichesky fibers) due to which youth and natural moisture content is supported, does face skin vulnerable and leads to formation of the first wrinkles – "goose pads" in corners of eyes, longitudinal wrinkles on a forehead appear. To everything, very aggressive, from the point of view of ecological safety, the environment puts our skin on serious trial. The condition of air, water, harmful emissions in the atmosphere, other factors of modern life provoke withering of skin, it is designed to protect us from all these misfortunes. The problem of early developing of wrinkles is particularly acute enough today, forcing to pay it attention even of absolutely very young girls.

    . Photoageing. All of us got used to treat a sunlight as to a life source. Under its influence the major for the biochemical reactions happening in a human body, vitamin D is synthesized. However, the modern science proved also a negative role of the active sunlight which is adversely influencing skin and causing process of its presenilation. The early withering of skin which is followed by a peeling, emergence of pigmentary spots, development of a couperosis and formation of small wrinkles results from destruction of cells of DNA, collagenic fibers and intercellular structures. Harmful influence of sunlight leads to accumulation of pathologically changed elastin, decrease in durability of blood vessels. All these factors deprive skin of elasticity, natural moisture content and lead to formation of early wrinkles. Not without reason our great-great-grandmothers tried to cover the person from direct exposure to sunlight by means of wide-brimmed hats, veils and graceful umbrellas.

    .  .Excessive mimicry. One of the few factors influencing skin and causing formation of wrinkles which depends not on the external reasons and directly from behavior of the person, is his mimicry and a habit to actively express all experienced emotions. Especially it concerns people with pronounced temperament of the sanguine person or choleric person. In this case wrinkles are caused not by dehydration (water loss) of skin, and frequent reductions of mimic muscles. Frequent change of mood, bystry transition from one look to another, do not allow elastichesky properties of skin to keep up with these changes. Result – premature emergence at first small, and then and deeper wrinkles.

    Emotional factors. The rhythm of modern life, its speed and cataclysms conduct to different stressful situations. High socialization of the modern person, i.e. variety of interpersonal communications, generates a set of sincere experiences. . .All disorders, alarms and fears are reflected directly in a condition of skin. The mechanism of this influence is connected with influence of adrenaline, glucocorticoids (stress hormones). At their emission by an organism in blood, its considerable part arrives to the major bodies providing activity of the person. And skin suffers meanwhile from its shortcoming and consequently it does not receive fully necessary nutrients and oxygen. Already the first youthful sufferings from one-way love or the failed examination affect a condition of skin and promote emergence of the first wrinkles even on a young face. In process of a growing the person has reasons for experience and a stress more and more. The conflicts at work and houses, different troubles which can arise in life not just spoil mood, they play a destructive role in a condition of all organism and including face skin.

    .  .Influence of features of climate. On a condition of skin big impact is made by natural climatic conditions. The shortcoming or a surplus of heat, a sunlight and moisture, sharp temperature drops of air do not promote improvement of health of skin in any way. In temperate or subtropical climate it is much easier to support its perfect condition. How to compensate lack of such opportunity for those who it are deprived? The answer is simple. Use competently picked up, taking into account specific features and already available problems, cosmetics and the special means prolonging and restoring natural freshness and youth of skin.

    Influence of harmful factors of the environment. Technical progress and modern achievements of a civilization not only facilitate our life, do it to more comfortable, but also introduce so many adverse factors that one their transfer would take enough time.  . We are not by hearsay familiar with habitual satellites of our everyday life – polluted by air and water, food in which there are no vitamins, but there are artificial dyes, various stabilizers, fragrances, preservatives and other cancerogenic substances much. Electrical household appliances, computer and other modern equipment are a source of harmful electromagnetic radiation. Destruction of an ozone layer in the atmosphere leads to penetration of ultraviolet rays, also pernicious for health of the person. It is possible to refer to the listed factors also voluntary use by certain people of the most powerful poisons – nicotine, alcohol and drugs. All this cannot but harmful affect a condition of skin.

    Sharp change of body weight. Desire, natural to any woman, to prolong youth and symmetry takes sometimes hypertrophied shape in the form of voluntary self-torture by various diets, and even starvation. .  .Everything is good moderately. Fasting days, moderate food on condition of its full value and balance – the undoubted benefit and for health, and for appearance. But when it comes about unreasoned refusal of these or those products making a basis of food of the person, it is not necessary to wait for either health, or beauty. Any rigid diet and furthermore starvation, causes a stress of an organism and can provoke very undesirable consequences. An organism, without receiving in enough nutrients, begins to take away them from hypodermic cellulose. And first of all, destruction happens in the most friable on structure hypodermic fatty tissues of face skin. It leads to her dehydration and formation of undesirable wrinkles.

    Misuse of cosmetics. One more example of how the undoubted benefit of a civilization can be unreasonably turned into harm to own beauty. Many women neglect the recommendations specified on labels of nice packings and tubes with cosmetics, being content only with enthusiastic recommendations of girlfriends. Any cosmetic – a product, difficult on the chemical composition, which was specially created for a certain type of skin, for definite purposes. Ignorance of elementary bases on care of face skin can result in boomerang effect – to overdry dry skin alcohol-containing lotions even more, and fat to doom to a bigger zasalivaniye and obstruction when using means for dry skin. All these errors badly influence a condition of skin and lead to formation of wrinkles.

    Diseases of internals. The fresh complexion of the person, a natural flush and elastic skin are a strong indication of good health. If the organism suffers from the latent illness (as a rule, it diseases of a liver, kidneys, lungs, endocrine system), face skin will give about it the first signal. Decrease in turgor, flabbiness of skin, its grayish shade and sharply designated wrinkles testify to problems not cosmetic, but medical. An exit one – to eliminate the prime cause, to pay the closest attention to the health.

    Some of the most frequent causes of premature wrinkles are that. It is necessary to analyse the data stated here and to draw the correct conclusion on prevention of premature loss of freshness and beauty of face skin.

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    Prevention of wrinkles

    Despite the numerous objective external and internal factors leading to age changes of skin, the moment of emergence of undesirable wrinkles it is possible to delay if beforehand to take care of measures of prevention of their emergence.

    By 30 years skin loses the elasticity and elasticity – it is a high time to start holding preventive procedures. Taking into account specific features of skin, and also environment conditions (climatic, ecological, production) this term can vary plus or minus several years.    Therefore there are no universal recommendations concerning age at which it is necessary to begin active prevention of wrinkles, but it is always better to warn a problem, than to fight against its decision. Even in early prevention of wrinkles it is not enough to use only cosmetics, approach has to be complex. Here both correction of a way of life, and refusal of addictions, and more attentive care of the skin, and the correct selection and use of cosmetics are important.

    A special role in the prevention of process of aging of skin is played by the good, balanced, regular nutrition. It provides cells of skin with enough the nutrients necessary for synthesis of proteinaceous fibers. Negatively the nicotine and cigarette smoke leading to its premature withering and aging affect appearance of skin. Therefore the refusal of smoking is an indispensable condition of complex prevention of wrinkles. Excessive insolation leads to increase in dryness of skin and provokes emergence of early wrinkles. In this regard use of special sun-protection means is necessary.

    One of very first form mimic wrinkles of the person. Therefore for their prevention it is necessary to monitor expression of the emotions, to get rid of a habit "to play the person": to blink eyes, to cramp eyebrows, to wrinkle a forehead, to purse lips.   At poor eyesight or a bright sun it is necessary to select and carry competently correcting or sunglasses. The special gymnastics for a face and a neck which is strengthening muscular tissue and fibers of skin, intensifying exchange processes is very useful to strengthening of mimic muscles.

    Even elementary exercises, such as simple opening and closing of eyes, at systematic performance yield the positive result. At the same time it is important not to wrinkle a forehead, controlling correctness of performance of exercise by a hand palm. It is also possible to mass language the internal surfaces of lips and cheeks, to open a mouth, saying vowels, to extend lips etc. Fine prophylactic is the facial massage which is carried out in house conditions or in beauty shop.

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    Methods of elimination of wrinkles

      At unsatisfactory care of face skin and necks of a wrinkle can appear even at young age. It is promoted by abuse or use of low-quality decorative cosmetics, an overstrain of mimic muscles of the person (a habit to blink eyes, to wrinkle a forehead), stresses, addictions, adverse climatic, professional and ecological factors. All this in combination with natural age changes of skin forces to resort to various methods of correction of wrinkles.

    Methods of elimination of wrinkles have to be selected the cosmetologist individually taking into account age of the patient and extent of the available changes. In some cases it is enough to organize the correct and systematic care of skin in house conditions with application of the masks recommended by the expert, lotions, creams with biologically active agents, massage, muscular gymnastics. These methods are most effective at young age when wrinkles are not so expressed.

    The modern cosmetology offers a huge range of hardware and injection methods of correction of age changes of skin. Most effectively proved methods of laser grinding, a dermabraziya, a miostimulyation, vacuum massage, radio wave therapy today. Good results are noted from carrying out a median and deep peeling with a complex of fruit acids. Efficiency of the planimetric face lifting assuming intracutaneous injections of cosmetic medicines (Botox, disport, ), is based on increase in elasticity of skin as a result of filling with medicine of intercellular space.

    .  These techniques of correction of wrinkles have the mass of advantages: small injury, high efficiency, relative safety. They yield fine result concerning mimic wrinkles of a zone of eyes, a forehead, a nasolabial triangle. These procedures demand repeated carrying out as the injected drugs are acquired by cages over time and resolve. The guaranteed and longer effect gives a combination of techniques of hardware and injection correction to independent daily care of skin by means of cosmetics.

    If process of formation of wrinkles is expressed considerably, then elimination of defects by perhaps surgical method. Plastic surgery yields bystry and long result, however is quite expensive and accompanied by high risk of probability of development of complications for health in general. Usually this method is used at inefficiency of low-invasive techniques. Do not try to struggle with wrinkles independently. Than earlier you address to specialized clinic, especially the sparing and effective method of treatment will be picked up to you by cosmetologists taking into account specific features of your skin.

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